Corn Field (2012)


Concordia University, Montreal, Canada B.F.A. in Cinema: Film Production 1995 – 2001 Minor: Design Art (2 years)

Mathieu St-Pierre lived in Canada until his 30th birthday and moved to South Korea where he currently work as an English instructor and artist.

Full Description

This was taken from a new series I've been working on. I mainly use movie clips that I intentionally glitch. After that, I stack them in several layers to amplify some of the errors. This series was also my first experiment with 3D filters.

Work metadata

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Artist Statement

Mathieu St-Pierre is a Canadian artist who focuses on visual artifacts created by various computer programs and from the more traditional analog video signals. The consequence of those imperfections and corrupted files are his landscapes and narrative images (stills). Also, having a film background helps him to compose with emerging medias and explore new possibilities of the digital canvas.

The images not only document the fragility of those virtual data, they are often capable of triggering memories and associations from real world life experience. We are consequently faced with electronic malfunctions in the realm of pixels versus the perfect imagery.


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