Scenes From Last Week (2012)

In a city constantly moving forward and erasing its relationship with the past, Scenes from Last Week seeks to re-insert the past into the present. The work is a public art installation that uses video surveillance cameras and monitors in two storefronts directly across the street from each other. In addition to showing the current street view the monitors display the view from seven previous days synchronized to the present moment, giving the passerby the chance to see the immediate history of where they are standing. The work creates a digital hall of mirrors, a perceptual trip wire into the past, intended to reawaken our senses to randomness and ritual in our daily environment.

This work was created during an artist residency at Eyebeam Art and Technology Center in New York. The piece was presented in midtown by The Roger Smith Hotel and Beekman Liquors in June of 2011 and at 218 and 225 14th St. in collaboration with Art in Odd Places in July/August 2011 (the participating venues were Rags-a-GoGo and 14th Street Framing Gallery). The work explores the tension between fear of surveillance and our love of being on camera.

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