/25-02-11/ (2011)

/02-25-11/ Is part of a series of projects proposing a reflection on the flux of visual information within contemporary visual culture in relation with artistic visual practices in order to explore and inquire into the status of artistic image itself.

Full Description

  1. By the second week of September 2010 a certain amount of postcards reproducing images of Artworks (paintings) by Leonardo Vargas was printed and distributed among Art spaces, museums and galleries in Amsterdam. These places constituted points of departure for this visual material to start circulating. As any other visual product of this kind, the post cards had a limited life span regarding its circulation. Footage of one of the postcards was shot and used to produce a 3’31” length piece on video. The video –in a way reproducing the already reproduced images of the Artworks- was announced to be shown for Only One time in its existence to Never be shown again. .

  2. The 3’31’’ video piece was broadcasted live from the Netherlands Media Art Institute (NIMk) Amsterdam, on De Hoeksteen Live! (Real-time interactive cross-media talkshow) on Friday the 25th of February 2011 at 21:05 local time in Amsterdam (CET). The broadcast could be followed live on ‘’Salto (A1)” cable Television for Amsterdam metropolitan area, and also through the web on the following link: http://www.salto.nl/streamplayer/tv/salto1_live.asp

  3. After the date, the video file itself and a limited amount of stills from the video piece -printed as post cards (Only one print per still)-, were produced specifically to be shown inside an Institutional Art Space.

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