принцессы внутрь Prince - Princess in Prince (2012)

Princess in Prince (2012 – ongoing) is a series of digital collages combining Russian realist paintings from the XIX century with works by the well known, highly fashionable, American appropriation artist Richard Prince. Inspired by After Prince (afterprince.tumblr.com), a collaborative, web based project inviting contributors to appropriate and remix works by Richard Prince (recently involved in a debated copyright lawsuit by French photographer Patrick Cariou), Princess in Prince remixes American advertising culture with the bright yet decadent atmosphere of Russian czarist culture. This combination may seem weird when conceptualized, yet the two levels match together in a really natural way. Even if the female subjects featured in either Russian paintings or Prince's works are represented in a completely different way and match with a completely different perception of women's role in society, there is something surprisingly similar in these women's attitude to act as icons and emblems of the society they live in. The project raises issues of gender, representation, and appropriation in art, advertisement and society at large.

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