BIZCO art magazine 10 (2012)

In this issue our collaborators are: Lluís Bussé (Catalunya), Ernesto Cortés by Mireille Torres (Mexico), Joao Santos (Portugal), Nacorock (Mexico), Young Sun Kim (Korea) by Edgard Gamboa (Mexico), México Masivo, Roberto Rueda Monreal (Mexico), Daniel Cobian (Mexico), José Luis Bueno (Mexico), Listen to Catastrophe, Katiuska Saavedra (Cuba), Michel Robitaille (Quebec), Jonathan Lemiux (Qubec) and Eny Roland (Guatemala). BIZCO art magazine for voracious viewers.

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BIZCO art magazine 10

After a hectic summer, particularly in Mexico, we got a bunch of dissapointments but also the pleasure and the honour of receiving many collaborations of artist devoted to produce sense (or nonsense) and thereby recreate the gaze of this collapsing world. Introducing the altered landscapes of Lluis Bussé (Catalunya) depicting contradictory situations between the city and the corrupting desire for tourism, as well as the landscape built with light of Michel Robitaille(Québec). An universe of objects that accumulate in the photographic series of João Santos (Portugal) immerses us in lost memories, melancholic as history and oblivion, as the magnificent machines of the Analog Radar that take us back to an aesthetic of the pre informatic war. Mireille Torres tells us about the work of Ernesto Cortés, who also makes an archaeology of the modern aesthetic that expires rapidly, dinosaurs with cell phones, an overwhelming image as the imminent imposition of neoliberal party dictatorship in recent Mexico 2012 elections and the massive rejection of the population. Katiuska Saavedra (Cuba) share with us a series of modified photographs of fingernails painted, the image recalls, in the current context, the famous "dedazo" or the designation of successor in power, the designs in the digital era. The nooks and crannies of the body are explored in the text of Roberto Rueda Monreal, and eerily illustrated by José Luis Bueno and Daniel Cobian, the body-memory is also fragment in Jonathan Lemieux's work (Québec). The body in its musical stage dimension is presented by our new photographer contributor Nacorock. The art as a game is the subject of Young Sun Kim's work, who brings mythical pop characters both in his painting and his actions as Edgard Gamboa narrates in this review about the Korean artist. We close with Eny Roland's (Guatemala) tribute to the world cinema through a paraphrase of the famous film "Blow Job" by Andy Warhol.

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  • Year Created: 2012
  • Submitted to ArtBase: Wednesday Sep 19th, 2012
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    • icetrip, primary creator
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Artist Statement

BIZCO art magazine is an online publication edited by Icetrip and Victor Martinez (Multimedia artists from Mexico City). BIZCO is made by collaborations of artists all around the world, specialized in contemporary art and intermedia phenomena as street art, stencil, performance and many other manifestations between art scene and public


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