Visitors to a Gallery- referential self, embedded. By Stanza (2008)

by stanza

This is a mediated environment using live CCTV feeds in the gallery space. The gallery surveillance system embeds the visitors to the gallery inside the artwork. The visitor is captured inside the data space as a part of the subject. The visitor to the gallery becomes the medium for the artwork.

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Exhibition and touring

This work is available for touring and for any public space wishing to expand on my concept of CCTV in public spaces as artwork. Any architects or curators wishing to work with me to expand this project please get in touch. Email

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Artist Statement

The gallery surveillance system embeds the visitors to the gallery inside the artwork. Custom made electronics and sonar sensors are placed on the gallery floor to create the installation in the gallery space. Visitors to the main upper gallery control the CCTV feeds by their own movement in the space. It become a responsive installation. The piece becomes a semi performative controlled system. The proximity to the main ultrasound sensors affects the aesthetic of the image.

This artwork is responsive to the body in the data space. The visitors act as an intervention in the the gallery space and become embedded in the artwork. The idea of using the information inside the space is also to make the space transparent and extend the gallery space outwards. The gallery space is also extended virtually onto the internet as the feeds from the installations images are broadcast live. The visitors to the gallery thus become embedded in the artwork and the permeates the larger system of data and information over the internet.

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Publicity. version one ( This work is an extension of this work. In fact, "Visitors to a gallery", is version two in this series.

Self-reference is a phenomenon in natural or formal languages consisting of a sentence or formula referring to itself directly, or through some intermediate sentence or formula, or by means of some encoding.

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