Timescapes. 2004 -2010 (2004)

by stanza

Images made using custom made software and computer techniques developed by the artist. Most images below show events captured from CCTV and live feeds from networked devices. All Image available for exhibition.

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Original artworks available for exhibition.


cctv, installation, artworks, survillance, privacy, society

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Artist Statement

Exhibition. Artworks made with CCTV images. All by Stanza

Underpinning these artworks and research, are a whole series of potential problems about observation, surveillance, and the ethics of the control space. Imagine walking out the door, and knowing every single action, movement, sound, micro movement, pulse, and thread of information is being tracked, monitored, stored, analyzed, interpreted and logged. These artworks are made from small unit blocks, simplified then re built , re-cored re-formed into an understanding that can re-communicate the complexity of the larger system


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