Urban Rhythms by Stanza Live CCTV art. (2005)

by stanza

A networked real time experience of a city. The image above shows the New York version click to enter.

Full Description


The city also has millions of CCTV. In essence the city is the biggest TV station in existence. Millions of hours worth of data are recorded every day by these cameras on city TV. One can take the sounds and images off live web streams and re-represent them thus creating new interpretations of the city in the process. The increase of technology infrastructure in the daily existence of a city means that technology will, more than ever be everywhere in our environment. Mobile data mining will be part of the fabric of the landscape. We will be carrying this data in pods, phones and IDS cards. Everything is or will be tracked. CCTV, car sensors, tracking inside our phones and id card movement tracking in the guise of anti- terror activity. The patterns we make, the forces we weave, are all being networked into retrievable data structures that can be re-imagined and sourced for information. These patterns all disclose new ways of seeing the world. The value of information will be a new currency as power change. The central issue that will develop will be the privilege and access to these data sources.

Touring . This work is available for touring to museums and galleries. It needs either a series of projectors or as below on smaller screens or large plasma screens.


You need shockwave installed. There is an internet security issue so tick all the boxes the first time you visit; you need to allow the access to the work. Please note, sometime the piece is slow to start, therefore allow a few seconds. Also, the first few images are 'dummy' images, these are always the same, therefore please allow the system a few seconds to 'warm up'. Remember this is happening in real time so if you are not connected to the internet it will not work.

Keywords: artwork, networked, cctv, madrid, generative, online, installation.

A real-time networked dataspace: A live real time interpretation of the networked city by Stanza

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Artist Statement

The artwork collects cctv feeds from around a city in real time. These real time images are fed into a custom made software system where a series of specialized channels rework these images. The channels are always on, and always changing, a constant view of world cities changing and evolving around the clock. The system uses specially created software and technology to randomly travel the city and integrate the images from the cameras. The images are taken randomly in real time and will evolve forever (or until the cameras break).

This work turns the notion of surveillance upside down, since in it we are all watching everybody and this opens up a question about the legitimacy of the imagery. It also turns us all into voyeurs and creates an insight into the imagery and happenings that exist in various 'parallel realities'. The data is opened out to a global online network of observers. It becomes an online global repositioned world view unfolding in real time. If many computers all link to this work then this looks interesting as all the images on the screens will be different.

Technical Note: When you click to enter you have to check the security boxes to see the work.

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