My Son, God and Country (2012)

Tracks include the reading of Psalm 46 by President Obama during a 9/11 memorial ceremony, the sound of a woman gasping, the reading of a Mani lament from the book Dangerous Voices by Gail Holst-Warhaft and A Peace Prayer by Jeff Beal & Nawang Khechog.

Full Description

Created through the study of female lament in ancient Greece and the supplanting of lament for the eulogy.

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Artist Statement

The sound piece juxtaposes the eulogy and the lament, male and female expressions of transition and tragedy. Punctuated by a woman's gasps, it tells the story of war through the eyes of a mother and the posturing of a president. She calls for revenge and pleads for word of her son, he calls on the God of Jacob for reinforcement.

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