ShowUP & Search for Justice in America Oct 12-15 for The Art in Odd Places Festival (2012)

Performance Artist Kanene Ayo Holder is having an AmericanJustice fashion show to showcase real issues!

On October 12, 13, 15 from 6-8pm I would like everyone (including students) who has ever been denied justice in America- student debt, high bank fees, foreclosure, racially profiled, bad schooling, gentrified, brutalized by the police, denied civil liberties, etc to come out and walk the runway and tell AmericanJustice your AmericanDreams and AmericanNightmares.

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$earching forAmerican Justice: The Pursuit of Happiness will be an artistic response to all forms of injustice in America and that America perpetuates around the world.

If you are fedUP, showUP! Here is a brief list of some ways you can participate and you might want to customizes or wear with your original designed t-shirts or check other suggestions below:

“We The People” or The 99%: victims of AJ of various ages, nationalities and genders. Not star-struck by AJ, they are committed to systemic change and are willing participants in her “game” of dice to teach her a lesson about democracy and dreams deferred. They eventually cure her blindness. They WEAR t-shirts with messages about injustice.

Rich People or The 1%: Fancy dressed lovers of AJ. They are an uber-rich frenetically patriotic Tea Party.

Paparazzi for Peace: Show up with a CAMERA to take pictures of the wanna be celebrity AJ

Detectives: dressed as Sherlock Holmes with magnifying glasses, trench coats and wanted posters, walk around searching for American Justice.

If you’d like more information, or just wanna let me know you are coming through feel free to email me!

Please visit for more information

or email

This is a performance for the Art in Odd Places Festival

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Artist Statement

The performance ($earching for American Justice: The Pursuit of Happiness) will take place on the big steps of Union Square (14th street & Broadway across from Whole Foods). I encourage participants to create t-shirts, and fashions that address the issues of justice MISSING in America during election2012 and beyond.

The artist Kanene Ayo Holder was stopped, questioned, and frisked for walking out of her luxury rental building too fast in Harlem back in 2002. She was followed by an unmarked navy blue van and cornered as the doors slid open to reveal NYPD officers who forced her to provide ID and answer questions for 20 minutes in the rain. She’s also taught in and attended decrepit NYC public schools.


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