O Diário de Robert Stern (Robert Stern`s Journal) (2012)

The Robert Stern journal is a series of paintings based in an archive of personalimages i found in Flickr

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Artist Statement

The Diary of Robert Stern is a series of paintings based on the archive of more than 38,000 photographs that this person has been put on the internet. Intends to be a documentary in painting about the life of this person. One person that I know better as I found new images every day on his Flickr page. I have been following the life of Mr.. Robert Stern, a resident of Pennsylvania, United States over the past five years. I already know much of his life: who are his friends, girlfriend, parents, the trips he makes; his culinary taste, etc.. The result will be my personal vision of Robert Stern. I wan with my painted images, to transform this real person into a fictional character.


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