Institute of viral sonology / Viral sonology 02 (2012)

This album experiment start as a call from the director of the of Institute of viral sonology Hugo Paquete. This call consists in exploring the potentiality of the computer as an automatic machine to generate compositional material and aesthetics content base on stochastic probabilities.

Full Description

60 seconds files 6 composers collaborators 6 minutes compositions 12 tracks

Connecting and collecting different sound material from different collaborators and without a previous selection construct a social and artistic possibility to generate aesthetic content base in the power of computer algorithmic to compose in a randomatic aesthetic.

Thanks to all the collaborators Institute of viral sonology Hugo Paquete

Participants in the call.

Pedro Bittencourt Luis Antunes Pena Milton Pacheco Raul Laidley Diogo Lopes Jonny Fraga

Composer: The computer

Organization: Institute of viral sonology

Director and concept: Hugo Paquete

Year: 2012

Work metadata

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Artist Statement

This project have the support from the Institute of viral sonology. That is an under cover, under governmental, under political, under aesthetic agency for sonic proliferation and psychological affections and sonic terror.

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