correspondence (2012)

Over the dates September 10 - November 6, 2012 Obama for America sent me over 100 e-mails personally addressed to Dylan. Following Barack’s successful re-election, I received further correspondence asking for my feedback in the form of a survey. On November 26, 2012, I sent a book of the e-mails and replies to the White House. The replies were written by appropriating “anonymous love letters” from the internet.

Full Description

Correspondence is an exchange of form language between Obama For America (writing under various noms de plume) and Dylan. The piece operates as an historical record of political rhetoric and drama, and as a benign and banal response to national messages concealed as personal address. Dylan responds to the letters, far-reaching in application but myopic in reception, with "anonymous love letters" pulled from the internet and signed by the author. Correspondence archives letters from the beginning of September, when the first e-mail addressed to Dylan was received, until the end of the election cycle. The compiled letters were bound and mailed to the White House.

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Artist Statement

I appropriated anonymous love letters to respond to the 100+ form e-mails I received from Obama for America.

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