The Doorway closed (2011)

The final of three works about memory and it's losses. Slow moving and state-full time is sequenced in 1/8 1/4 1/2 and 1/1 slipping in and out of natural movment. Sound apears in the 1/1 sections whil the slower moving sections remain silent.

Full Description

See the Doorway and the Geo Doorway for the first two works based upon this theme. The physical locations still exists, but as tracked from google maps the structure has moved slightly, and parts have disappeared in keeping with the original work. The video and editing occured over a two year period as the narrative was defined.

Work metadata

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Artist Statement

As time passes geography and time dissipate, memory is lost and structure is lost. Distance in physical and temporal terms lose meaning as the artifact of a place loses it's context.


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