As The Beginning Ends (2012) (2012)

Hide-and-Seek Collaborative is a multi-disciplinary visual art and design duo comprised of Sabrina Barrios and Aderyn J. Wood. The pair met at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY where they completed their MFA degrees. Barrios, a painter from Brazil, and Wood, an installation artist from the U.S., spent the summer of 2012 in Berlin where their cooperative process took shape. Overlapping investigations from their individual works, like reality and impermanence, along with similar interests in horror and psychology inspire interactive performance installations then transposed into videos, photographs, and sculptures. They hope you are both amused and spooked.

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Artist Statement

Our projects fold philosophical, scientific, and technological musings into stories both factual and fictitious. Using string to devise an intricate 3-dimensional drawing, we attach a person to a place - the person and place represent contextual forms of existence, while the drawing delineates possible worlds and phenomenology. As the individual navigates the situation we incorporate the role of the observer utilizing audio|video|photography captured from both surveillance and sousveillance cameras then manipulated to evoke a sense of trepidation.


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