Lame, Lamer (2013)

Explorations in Digital Transcendence.

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A community of images with the intention to integrate the natural transcendent architecture of the internet and computers with an aesthetic of autonomy in hopes to expose the system of production to mutation and growth.

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Artist Statement

In the process of creating art one- as artist- must really understand where they stand in relation to the system that will determine it's value or it's symbolic order. In Umberto Eco's Travels in Hyper-Reality he maintains that art's role in society has been demeaned to a symbol of capital, that the importance of all art work hinges on it's monetary value and its association to lavish bourgeois sensibilities. We ask ourselves - Is it the artwork that calls for this ravenous self-evaluation? Does art see itself as a mean of production? No, art in it's nature is indicative of human will, art is metamorphoses in it's reconciled health. It is human beings who are addicted to capital gain, it is human beings who create art that concern this ghostly embrace. The collective psyche of global society is submerged in the subliminal sexuality of capitalism and the individual. This reality is unrelenting and our humanity is muzzled by communication leaving no room for art to exist - not for it's own sake but worse still- not for our sake. In his Ecstasy of Communication Baudrillard finds that we have been robbed. Society has culminated itself into words, into objective symbols when that is so far from our ontological state as subjective systems of passion and virility. Baudrillard asserts that the human condition had once embraced this passion through metamorphoses- a state of existence where a human being could interact with another object and mutate into a fusion of himself and that object, a state in which one could really relate to things, an exchange of transcendent realization in and of each other. This is a state relative to the "art" that Nietzche speaks of in his Birth of Tragedy, a dionysian realm free of moral stigmatization and the shell of the individual. As a human being who does not understand himself as "John" or " person" or even "human" and does not have to constantly free himself from the objective persecution of these titles, you remain blissfully ignorant to the destructive nature of humanity. You would not understand why we atomize our existence, but we understand all too well. Embedded telematic images push us to find predetermined roles to master and refine and this is how a human being can flourish in society and dominate others, it puts you in a seductive position. As these roles become more and more repetitive and emulative of the last, it brings us closer to being able to put an objective, communicative title on the human being. As capitalism makes this more of a reality every single day I fear that an honest, objective title for the human race would be quite malicious and would exhibit a form of life that is very close to death. Where are the new roles? Where is our growth? Where are our mutations? Worst of all, where is our life, our breath? The conscious subjective no longer exists- not that we ever knew how to harness it- and our final mutation is on-going as the fluid nature of humanity lies in isolated envelopments of cement drying under the sun.
This bears the question, what is art - as the human device of expression- while humanity has jailed itself in metastasis. Humanity is isolated and tired of running away from objective claims. Our only sense of definition arises out of sexuality; existing as the negation of others in order to mutate and create a whole, and this definition is fluid and tangible as it should be. This isolation makes our sexuality metaphysical, we force images of ourself on to all other beings, so much so that we never really have a physical negation of ourself but rather an imagined negation of what we are not and what we are left with is a mirror image of the factors of production and its collective objective negations. Our will - or art- is degraded to what merely separates the two. Every action is a stratification and a definition of the self and the more we allow capitalism to channel us and impose on our decisions the faster it will bring the entirety of humanity to rest. Capitalism is an anxiety of "other" and it seeks rest, it seeks death. So it is clear that the death of capitalism can only occur through art. The miraculous salvation of humanity can only come as a result of the individual risking his integrity of promise to inactivity and transforming these objective titles to suit the conscious subjective, to allow them breath and live as well. As artists we should look to create images that inspire life and make the cannibalistic imagery of capitalism a minority. As we build a new history of images we create an entirely new system of information for the future of humanity to learn from and can effectively refine society to a utopian existence. I would maintain that the internet is the first place to start. It is most vulnerable to revolution because it has just began to be chartered by capitalist forces and it is not yet utilized to it's full extent and in a way it will never really be able to take full advantage of the internet because it cannot remove its transcendence from real life. This is a problem only until the internet does seem real, until all the people who were born ignorant to the internet die and it can become a natural part of our system of communication. If we embrace the internet's transcendent nature and fill it with transcendent images, we make it infertile for the disgusting dehumanization of capitalism.


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