The summer hangs like a heap of marionettes (2013)

Part of a series of paintings on Venice, Carnevale and Masquerades

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oil on board 60cm x 90cm

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  • Year Created: 2013
  • Submitted to ArtBase: Wednesday Jan 9th, 2013
  • Original Url:
  • Work Credits:
    • jennulla, primary creator
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Artist Statement

Since evolving into a distinctive style via the disintegration of shapes and colours into fragments and thus creating images through diffusion and distortion, I strive to express movement and rhythm as well as emotive spirit through illusions. My work focuses on merging ideas, diverse cultural customs and personal experience into abstracted images of both figurative and visible worlds. The distortions of movement and colour evoke radiance and diversity.

Colour is energy that suggests rhythm. The vibrations of excitement cannot physically be touched but they pulsate and draw the viewer into my world. The energy producing vibrations transform and inform painting; to paraphrase Wassily Kandinsky, the choice of an object or subject is decided only by a corresponding vibration in the human soul.

Breaking down motion via the interpretation of expressive mark-making generates sensation and spirituality taking me on a journey from initial ideas through to painting the work.

The reconfiguration of the traditional becomes an illusion of painterly motion, a diffusion of light and colour interactions - distortion changes an object’s usual shape to communicate ideas and feelings.

Works are painted in oil on board, a support that lends itself to my work through the blending of colour saturation; this breeds lushness. The working process, an immersion of self, directs me to meticulously apply fine brushstrokes. Gradually the work comes into focus from genesis to intense layering of colour and mark-making. I generally work in series.

The freedom to make contemporary art allows me to combine thoughts and materials, thereby responding subjectively and spiritually from concept to execution.

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