Exist Ants (2013)

Weekly Musings and Momentary Thoughts

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A daily submission of the philosophy and scope behind the visual sensibilities of the visual oeuvre of Scott Becker

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Artist Statement

This age resides in a blizzard of information and imagery. The ants that conjure the thinnest of films across its entire globe all interconnected in a manner so fast and immediate as to claim membership in a universal set of oneness. Ignorant it seems of an ability disconnected by the inventions of technology to express themselves more naturally across the void of endless ether. So imbued with the vapors of their own majesty that they forget about all but their own kind. So they parade and trounce about with one and another completely consumed in petty battles of maniacal fury thinking that their actions will lead to a reliable conclusion and not the endless rounds of competition that characterize their appreciation of existence.


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