Aquatic Coronation | an Audio Visual Collage (2013)

An Audio Visual Collage collaboration between Rena Anakwe and Tajh Rust.

Full Description

Aquatic Coronation is the first installment in a series of collaborations between Rena Anakwe & Tajh Rust. An audio/visual collage exploring the fluidity of man and the machine set in a neighborhood on the crux of massive gentrification. Water is able to aid and destroy, much like humanity. [Featuring: the DJ Lady Lane remix of Mali Woods' 'Karma Bums', Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, audio textures and sounds] Director | Rena Anakwe Cinematographer | Tajh Rust Editor | Rena Anakwe Actors | Rena Anakwe and Johnathan Hooks Music | Mali Woods & Dj Lady Lane

Work metadata

  • Year Created: 2013
  • Submitted to ArtBase: Thursday Feb 14th, 2013
  • Original Url:
  • Work Credits:
    • Rena Anakwe, Primary Creator: Director | Actor | Editor
    • Tajh Rust, Cinematographer
    • Jonathan Hooks, Actor
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