Skywriting (1997)

An early hypernarrative from 1997 merging a physical drive, excursion, with a description of an early pioneer of technology and narrative, Major Pike..

Full Description

An early hypernarrative which falls under the type Judy Malloy describes in HYPERNARRATIVE IN THE AGE OF THE WEB, The work has three distinct phases, the first phase is a road screen (with three screens progressing downward). the second phase is the arrival at a lake in winter, snow and water dominate and the screens begin to merger.the final phase influenced by Micheal Snow's La Region Centrale with three distinct rates of spinning based upon user choice. The words are a parallel narrative of the career of Major Pike, a skywriter of legend in New York of the sixties. Memory, dislocation, motion and form the body of the hypernarrative.

Work metadata

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Artist Statement

The use of hypernarrative was a hallmark of early web art. Most works made at the time used mostly Dada inspired text and graphics, and seemded contrived, artsy in a sophomoric way. more advanced attempts at reconciling text, graphics and hypertext did thrive however. Skywriting is one of them.


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