Junction Station (1997)

The work employs random phrase and image generation to develop a hypernarrative..

Junction Station was in the west end of the city of Toronto. The area (the Junction Triangle) is infamous for heavy metals and toxic soil conditions. There has been some cleaning up but the area still looks like a wasteland. The Station itself was abandoned years ago and is now gone. It was active for years, serving local commuters and industries.

Full Description

There is no beginning or end to the work. It is generated randomly and exited the same way. The words are real experiences, and make up a very large set of possible values. It would be nearly impossible for a viewer to experience the work the same way , each visit being generated randomly but linked by the related topic of the content, my experience in industrial and factory settings.

Work metadata

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Artist Statement

This work employs a simple random phrase algorithm to display text and graphics. The phrases are 3-5 words long and are mashed up to form short dialogues or phase poems. This is generative, but controlled by the original seeded phrases , 100 lines of 3 phrases, totaling 300 uniits of two-four words. The work is simply presented, but the phrases were culled from personal experiences of years spent in factory and industrial environments. The actual exposure to the chemicals and materials was common during the fordist era.


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