standaloneV1 (2012)

StandaloneV1 is a application available in the app store which explores the haptic, tactile nature of sound. Using the iphone as a platform for sound generation, the user can cup their hand around the end of the phone shaping the physical sound waves. One half individual sound installation, one half instrument, StandaloneV1 is an exploration of a micro environment of sound waves and how we physically interact with them.

Full Description

By modulating sound waves and feeding the audio signal from the input microphone of the iPhone to the speakers of the iPhone, a feedback loop is created and by cupping a hand around the feedback loop, the performer is able to shape or sculpt the feedback in real time.

for examples see the video:

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Artist Statement

Conceptually the work is dealing with the idea of autopoiesis and the emerging patterns that form out of feedback loops as well as the development of a abstract sonic landscape. Through the repurposing of a device made for communication, each device is exciting the aural landscape with sound and interacting with the ambient sounds of the environment. Because these devices are simultaneously recording and playing back, they reflect the aural landscape that they are performed within.

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