Data Centers Grand Tour (This Data Belongs Here) (2013)

‘Data Centers Grand Tour (This Data Belongs Here)’ is a virtual journey into the materiality of data.

‘Data Centers Grand Tour (This Data Belongs Here)ʼ by Silvio Lorusso is the second e-PERMANENT artist commission for an online work. ʻData Centers Grand Tour (This Data Belongs Here)ʼ starts here and will be an ongoing project for which Silvio Lorusso will be purchasing domain names and hosting in each country across the globe. For each domain a single web page will be hosted showing a satellite view of the geographical site at which that particular domainʼs data is stored. The tour will start by clicking at a destination, one click will take you to the next domain in a different country where you will again be able to view where that domainʼs data is stored, and so on until all of the countries in the world are covered.

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