AIR TO LAND (2012)

The series consists of landscape photographs, where each is named after a geographical place it's depicting. The images are based on photographic representation of drones in media.

Full Description

While collecting imagery on drone activity, I noticed that the photos used in the media do not always correspond to the content of the articles. Some times there was no connection between the event described in the article and the image it was representing. I was wondering what these photos actually revealed. How do we perceive the reality that these photographs broadcast? The link between the scenery with a particular geographical position has always been important for it's representation. So i focused not on the aircrafts but on their backround – mostly anonymous landscapes from around the world. My task was to compare and identify each of the images in the series in order to establish the exact location shown in each image. Each photograph in the series is named in according to the fact it depicts or the place where it was taken. The photographs of drones that I was collecting were following similar compositional rules - representing the object (MQ-9 or MQ-1) in the middle of the frame on some unnamed background.The reduction of the aircraft shifts the focus to the background and to the question that we ask while looking at any kind of touristic landscape: "where is it?". Exectly that kind of photography is beyond reach of tourism (real or virtual) because most of the places are closed areas.

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