Incautious Porn (2013)

We searched for Porn. We found you.

We captured more than 100,000 public comments on porn and sexually-oriented websites in which users left their mobile phone number to male/female/transgender performers, where everyone could see it, and we turned them into a series of paintings which you can purchase.

Full Description

How is it done? We harvested the content found on hundreds of thousands of porn or sexually-oriented websites using freely accessible tools such as Google, various Web Scraping APIs, and the APIs which are made accessible by popular social networks service operators (such as Facebook and Twitter), to get as many naughty comments coming from all you boys and girls.

We searched among the comments to find the ones in which users left clear indication of their phone/mobile number to the sensual performer, and we put them in a database, along with a screensot of the page, its link and the date/time in which it was recorded.

We developed a little software which takes one random comment/link out of the database and uses it to create a beautiful generative painting and originality certificate.

We set up this website to put the paintings on sale.

Note: all the content used in the process is freely available online, in public forums/blogs/webcam-shows/social networks/etc.

And so? Anyone can use this website to buy one or more of the paintings to do whatever they want with them.

Possible uses are:

Hang it Collect a number of paintings and make an art exhibit out of them Call the phone number on your painting to say hello and see if the random user has had any interesting sexual activity, lately We're not the bad guys! Afraid that your phone is in the database?

Afraid about what your husband/wife/fiancè/boss/insurance might find out about those wild nights spent in front of the monitor?

Well, we want to help!

For a small fee, we'll allow you to search our database, to check if we have your number.

It we have it, we'll let you erase it from there.

For a fee.

After all, just like they say at Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram and all the other social networks whenever they sell your profile hundreds of times each day: It's only business!

Work metadata

  • Year Created: 2013
  • Submitted to ArtBase: Sunday Mar 17th, 2013
  • Original Url:
  • Work Credits:
    • salvatoreiaconesi, primary creator
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Artist Statement

We access social networking websites every day.

We think they're free, but what we really are doing is accessing services which we pay by granting access to our personal data to companies, organizations, institutions, aggregators, marketing firms etcetera.

And there's more.

While we navigate these websites we tend to radically transform our perception of what is public and what is private.

We often engage messaging, chats, comments and content production without realizing that we're saying and posting things in public, where anyone can see them, and use them.

Incautious Porn is about this.

It is about the transformation of the ways in which we perceive private and public spaces.

It is about being sold hundreds of times each day: our data, information, emotions, relations.


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