sTemtHeeviLTide__LuvvpipE (2013)

Performance Documentation

Internet imagery and sound from various search terms i.e. “sea foam”, “dryer”, “meteor russia”, “white sheet”, “swollen pussy”, “goats sound like humans”, “unexplained sounds HARP”, “gynecological footage”, found gold and black pedestal, King size Egyptian cotton sheet, chiffon fabric, cotton leggings, canvas, reverse projection screen, welded steel pipe, Bowflex® cables, EMS rappel harness, carabiners, PVC pipe, blank CD, wood, wire, tape, red iron oxide pigment, body paint, confetti, water, aluminum paint buckets, plastic wrap, colored lights, microphone, DMX light control board, Chauvet fog machine, floor tom, 2 stereo amplifiers, 2 JL subwoofers, 2 Kicker subwoofers, subwoofer amplifier, Mitsubishi projector, Peavey amplifier, Nikon D5100 digital camera, 2 tripods, Panasonic tape video camera, Macbook Pro with Retina display, Akai Mpk25 Semi-Weighted Keyboard, effects pedal, cords

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Artist Statement

Videography, Brad Pearson / Photography, Adrian Fussell


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