Net Porn Diaries (2013)

Diary of pornographic interactions at webcam porn sites glitched and animated in defiance of the social concepts of correctness, normalcy and morality.

Full Description

Net Porn Diaries is the diary of my internet sex life which I conceve as both, political and erotic. I interact with my webcam peers and extract some images which I databend to alude to the transgression to the politics of body representation and sexual normalcy that the internet and this kind of sites have enabled for all of us queers and creeps in opposition to the images that mass media sell us as desirable.

Work metadata

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Artist Statement

The erotic revolution happens every night at amateur porn webcam sites, where the performers are constantly reinventing and reinterpreting themselves, bending all the rules of which bodies can be seen as beautiful and erotic and which practices are allowed, they even defy the rules of decorum and modesty letting us all into their rooms, while we, the audience, ratify this search reacting from within our humidities.

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