GIFbites (2012)

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In an era of ubiquitous internet access and the extensive post-production of HD and 3D images, the animated GIF has an ironic status. Small in dimension and able to be squeezed through the slenderest of bandwidths, GIFs hark back to a World Wide Web designed for 640x480 pixel screens; a web of scrolling text, and not much else. Brought on – ironically – by their obsolescence the animated GIF has become a primary medium of communication on the contemporary net. The simplicity, freedom and openness of the medium allows even the most amateur web enthusiast to recuperate images plucked from TV, cinema, YouTube, CCTV footage, cartoons, videogames and elsewhere in their desire to communicate an idea or exclamation to the world. GIFbites is a mesmerising homage to brevity and the potential of poor, degraded images to speak beyond the apparent means of their bitrates. The results will hopefully navigate the web for many years to come, stimulating cut-and-paste conversations undefinable by Google’s search algorithms.

Work metadata

  • Year Created: 2012
  • Submitted to ArtBase: Thursday Mar 28th, 2013
  • Original Url:
  • Work Credits:
    • Daniel Rourke, creator / curator
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Artist Statement

Following the success of Daralhokoomeh Project's first New Media exhibition, Bitrates (curated and organized by Morehshin Allahyari and Mani Nilchiani), the GIFbites project - curated by Daniel Rourke - will be given an extended run from May 30th 2014. The work of 50 international artists will be joined with exclusive works by Iranian artists. The resulting exhibition of GIFbites will run in the gallery and online at:

Artists included in the show:

Morehshin Allahyari Anthony Antonellis Kim Asendorf & Ole Fach LaTurbo Avedon Jeremy Bailey Alison Bennett Emma Bennett Benjamin Berg Hannah Black Andrew Blanton Nicolas Boillot Tim Booth Sid Branca Nick Briz elixirix Jennifer Chan Theodore Darst Angelina Fernandez Annabel Frearson Carla Gannis Emilie Gervais Shawné Michaelain Holloway Nathan Jones Nick Kegeyan Jimmy Kipple Sound Mizaru + Kikazaru + Kyoungzaru Eltons Kuns Lawrence Lek Gretta Louw Sam Meech Rosa Menkman A Bill Miller Lorna Mills Shay Moradi Nora O Murchú Alex Myers Peggy Nelson David Panos Eva Papamargariti Holly Pester Antonio Roberts Daniel Rourke Alfredo Salazar-Caro Rafia Santana Jon Satrom Erica Scourti Krystal South Arjun Ram Srivatsa Linda Stupart Daniel Temkin

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