m1 (2012)

This work, begins with a traditional reflection of the real, using oil paint to render a portrait. This translated image further transforms through a series of digital reworkings.

Full Description

m1 2011, Oil and glass element to front, continuous canvas hides a back work in sprayed acrylic. Gilded sides contain two data storage drives and a 1mm glass capillary access into the hollow interior containing a 3rd art work and the sitters DNA.

m1.html contains artworks m2 - m7 that use scanned elements from the original sitting and rough process as well as direct digital drawing and manipulation. These images are then processed. The glass is recreated in 3D and the whole image 'rendered'. Both painted and digital works reflect aspects of computer rendering, culture and simulation.

Bottom of page link to http://www.riverstyxswimmingclub.1455.org.uk (unfinished element)

Work metadata

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Artist Statement

In the past immortality could only be bought at the hand of an artist or the skills of a priest embalmer. Future technologies might take the artist out of the equation?

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