"Pan Stage & Summer Pan Stage" 2013/2014. Residence in the gallery. (2013)

Pantocrator Gallery is a space for the production, exhibition and diffusion of Contemporary Art in all its disciplines. We combine our gallery activity with a residency program, which opened summer of 2011, with most intense activity each year and where spend emerging artists from the 5 continents. In many cases, the excellent work they have produced in the residence, has subsequently been institutionally recognized in their home countries. Pantocrator Gallery through its residencies programs, seeks to strengthen intercultural relations between artists of proven track record and emerging artists.

Full Description

  • "Pan Stage 2013-14" : during all the year, 2 selected artists residents, working in the area of the gallery, for a period of 1-2 months for each artist. Artists can work in any medium they desire, from painting, collage, video, digital art or sculpture to the transformation of their study in an installation or operation of the area. The last week of the program, the Gallery focuses in the exhibition of the resident artist with a opening in the gallery and all the needed promotion.

  • "Summer Pan Stage 2013-14" : during July and August an average of four artists working one or two months, generating an atmosphere of intense creativity, producing interesting synergies between artists and their different languages, creating links between them. The summer residence, culminates in a final opening in which artists, friends, visitors and curious interact in the space with the art works created and in the cozy outdoor with live music or DJ's, making it a memorable event, gaining in more repercussion, year after year.

The final goals of the residency period is the establishment of close links between the artists and asian culture, the diffusion of work by emerging artists in Asia, offering a different experience and the contribution of new influences and inspiration reasons and give know to the Asian world, other facets of a distant and unknown art for them.

Applicants should do it through our website: http://pantocratorgallery.com/stage.html

Artists can manage the scholarship application, grants or financial support in their home countries during the application period. Pantocrator Gallery will provide the necessary documentation to the applicant that so requires.

The residency program includes:

  • work shop in the Gallery.
  • Final Exhibition at Pantocrator Gallery.
  • Email invitation to our mailing list.
  • Design and printing of invitation cards
  • Press-release and promotion
  • help with the design, installation and set-up.
  • Opening reception.
  • Details of your exhibition on our website and permanent promotion.
  • Artist name on the gallery window.
  • Professional staff in the gallery for the exibition period .
  • Pricing advice and sales support.
  • help housing searching.
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Artist Statement

We have focused our attention on the economy capital of the Asian giant to develop our gallery and residency aware of the endless possibilities offered by this new world power. Shanghai; metropolis in exciting growth stage where coexist the most breakthrough and the most traditional of China, city of contrasts which inspires and fascinate the artists where the sense of security is full and where the currency exchange remains very favorably for West. Pantocrator Gallery is located in one of the most important artistic centers of China, the M50 complex in Moghanshan Lou in which are concentrated over a hundred local and international galleries, studios of local artists and design agencies. Thereby we situate the artist and his works in a privileged place to be projected. We feature two differents residence programs, so, the space becomes in a permanent production place, open to the public in the gallery hours, allowing the dialogue between artist and visitors in order to deepen in the understanding of the work, and facilitate their sales.


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