DaVinci Vaporizer (2013)

Could it be that this vaporizer was modeled after the famous Leonardo? One can not be sure but his artwork does grace the cover of the box. But what thing is for certain, look closely and you will notice DaVinci's, Vitruvian Man art.

Full Description

It is not often that classic, famous artwork graces the cover of modern devices and products. This portable vaporizer is based upon quality craftsman ship as well as a stylish design. The creators rightful named this device the "DaVinci". He was known for beautiful and quality work and this is no except. Bringing vaporization into the the 21st century is DaVinci. Gone away is the days of smoking, and disgusting habits. Thank you Leonardo. I think inventor and artist DaVinci would be proud to have this product grace his name.

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