12 meters of landscape (2013)

Production of the piece developed in two stages: In phase 1, a 3,1GHz iMac was used for editing images found online with the search keyword “landscape”. After processing the images into a 12 metres composition, an EPSON Stylus Pro 11880 plotter was used to print the ensemble on 310g Hahnemühle paper. In phase 2, the surface of the paper was painted with acrylic paint.

150 different online images and graphics with pixel sizes in excess of 1024x800 dpi were randomly combined in the programming of the work’s HTML version. A clock counts the time the images take to download (in seconds), depending on the available bandwidth. The software keeps track of maximum and minimum download times and shows them over periods of one year. Online images were selected according to three criteria: nouns, adjectives, and prefixes.

Full Description

TECHNICAL INFO Year: 2012 Title: 12 meters of landscape Size: Variables measures Tecnic: HTML, MySQL, acrilic painting and print on Hahnemühle paper 310 g.

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