Exquisite Chat (2013)

Exquisite Corpse Chatroom, website made with javascript and sharpies

Full Description

An internet chatroom for drawings and pictures. Traditional Exquisite Corpse as well as a drawing version of Broken Telephone are also included on the site.

Work metadata

  • Year Created: 2013
  • Submitted to ArtBase: Wednesday Apr 17th, 2013
  • Original Url: http://exquisitechat.org/
  • Work Credits:
    • thornebrandt, primary creator
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Artist Statement

This is a place to play stupid drawing games with your friends.

Built using javascript, sharpees, and masking tape, this site is for those games you used to play during indoor recess on that giant roll of paper. Your friends and family have since moved away and don't care about you anymore, but you can invite new ones to play with you on the internet. There are no rules. Just like, be yourself, man. You might get faved by your crush. This is actually a dating site. Just tell me what you want.


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