The Family Bible of Mernie Wysel (2006) (2013)

This is a multi-page multi-frame HTML net art piece based upon tracing a family’s history through the genealogy pages of their family Bible. The work takes the pages of a Bible’s genealogy section and expands them with information that extends and enriches its content. The full URL to access the work is: Harding v1.html

Full Description

For much of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, families recorded their major history events in the family Bible. Most Bibles had a genealogy section in the center of the Bible that separated the Old from the New Testaments. This work shows the family Bible of Mernie Wysel a woman born in the early twentieth century and who died when she was 44.

The artist – Gracie Harding – uses the Bible, family pictures and newspaper articles to create the published here. In some ways it creates a 21st century version of the family Bible by combining multiple medias to create its history.

The New Hudson Exit is a website that promotes emerging artist from the Midwestern United States. The site exhibits a dozen of Harding’s works as well as those of a variety of other artists.

Work metadata

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Artist Statement

My work has evolved over the past few years to focus more and more on finding art in technology. Combining people with the technology they use every day provides a huge canvas that reflects life like a Matisse painting. And beneath the layers of that picture are the bits of love, toil, disgust, enchantment, and sometimes desperation that make up our daily lives. Unlocking these emotions provides a vivid reminder of our basic humanness no matter who deeply we are entrenched with our iPhones, TVs and computers. Gracie Harding - 2006

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