Nida Radio Wave Bridge (2011)

Composition made while artist in residence at Nida Art Colony for Welcome to Bridgeland! Opening Ceremony, Inter-Format Symposium. Radio signals* collected from the seaside at Nida on Easter Saturday, 23rd April between 8-8:30am. Signals recorded and composition played back at the seaside location of Welcome to Bridgeland! The radio becomes a bridge across the Baltic and out to the rest of the world.

Full Description

Welcome to Bridgeland!

Bridgeland is on every bridge around the world. Bridgeland transcends the outlines of geography. Bridgeland is a state of mind, you are already in Bridgeland. Bridgeland is infinite possibility. Bridgeland is anything you can imagine. Bridgeland is singing. Bridgeland is dancing. Bridgeland is freedom. Bridgeland is yes.

Bridgeland is open! Bridgeland is free!

*One of the ideas that inspired Singing Bridges was this work by Edgard Varese, who imagined his unrealised symphony Espace in 1929-1941 being performed simultaneously in and from all the capitals of the world:

"Voices in the sky, as though magic, invisible hands turning on and off the knobs of fantastic radios, filling all space, criss-crossing, overlapping, penetrating each other, splitting up, superimposing, colliding, crashing."

Let us cross a great modern capital with our ears more alert than our eyes.. and create mental orchestrations of the crashing down of metal shop blinds, slamming doors, the hubbub and shuffling of crowds, the variety of din, from stations, railways, iron foundries, spinning wheels, printing works, electric power stations, underground railways... and bridges!

Futurist manifesto, "The Art of Noises" Composition made while artist in residence at Nida Art Colony in the framework of Traces for Welcome to Bridgeland! Opening Ceremony.

Welcome to Bridgeland! first took place on South Portland St Suspension Bridge, Glasgow, commissioned by Lowsalt Gallery for Glasgow International Visual Arts Fesival 2010 South Portland St Suspension Bridge, Glasgow at Lowsalt Gallery GI 2010. The statue of Dolores beside this bridge became symbol of bridgeland now transferred to Nida (rabbit, devil, moose, Finnish symbol)

Dolores Ibarruri Gomez (9 December 1895 - 12 November 1989), known more famously as "La Pasionaria" (passion flower) was a Spanish Republican leader of the Spanish Civil War and communist politician of Basque origin, perhaps best known for her defense of the Second Spanish Republic with the famous slogan ¡No Pasaran! ("They Shall Not Pass"), during the Battle of Madrid.

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Artist Statement

Signals range from the cultural identity of a Chinese woman surfer; Radio France International round-up of world news from 'rebel forces' and drones in Libya to the suspension of the Schengen agreement; DJ Spooky discussing pattern recognition, music and technologies of the African Global Village; and Australian singer Oriante talking about courage and over-coming self-doubt... mixed with Musique du Pont Volant composition and featuring the voice of La Pasionaria. Sound of the radio wave bridge sent back across the sea here from the Curonian Spit.

The event included a ceremonial flag-raising and champagne corks popping to open the Curonian Spit as part of Bridgeland, impromptu dancing to the 'light my fire' radio program made by Justin Tyler Tate for broadcast on Neringa.FM during the night, a specially created Error Collective mobile sauna with steam-punk stove installed on the beach and walking across hot coals conducted by Ernest Truely.

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