Le auditif voyeur: Lahsa Version (2012)

The project captures the sound in an specific place and convert it to images in the screen of the computer (originally produced a series of sequential images, then a PDF file and finally a video). These images are directly affected for the environment.

Full Description

My next step was to record the video directly from the processing program to a video file, at the same time capture it using the web cam and then repeat the process but scanning the screen of the computer and capturing it. A digital image captured by a digital device and transformed in a different but still similar type of media.

That was really interesting, more than the outcome, to think about the image in those terms.

Next step: Capture the images produced in the screen in color film (ISO 200, Fujifilm). Again the index is re-captured and transformed, is like an accumulation of layers of indexes. For me that is a perfect metaphor of the photographic act.

The analogical images latent in the film were developed and then scanned, another loop between the analogical and digital worlds, another melting of the index captured again and transformed in a new index based on the last one. Layer over layer.

The scanned film negatives were transformed to positive in the computer and then the distance between the analogical and the digital captures was wide.

Next step: Close the gap once again. The scan of the screen and the digital version of the film scanned were printed over acetate using a laser print and then used to make analogical photograms over black and white photographic paper (Kodak). Another loop and jump between the analogical and digital capture and reproduction of the image.

Work metadata

  • Year Created: 2012
  • Submitted to ArtBase: Thursday May 16th, 2013
  • Original Url: http://bit.ly/12AXUVw
  • Work Credits:
    • yourmung, primary creator
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Artist Statement

I'm a photographer, I'm focused in the exploration of the Index in all the possible ways.

The sound record is an index of a geographical and temporal space, as the photograph is also an index but in visual terms. The idea of alternate and transform indexes was so appealing.

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