Nodule (2013)

Nodule is an installation of an orbiting sphere resembling a tumor embedded with random ready-made objects found in Secondlife. The sphere hovers over a flooded like environment with random objects floating below the “tumor”.

discarded and accumulated items in Secondlife such as prims,freebies and existing Marketplace items are used to depict the horror vacui aesthetic of Manila and its crowded streets. I wanted to use excess objects as a catalyst to virtual (SL) and real spaces (Manila).

Swollen, nuisance and abnormal, the tumor is to emphasize the burden that the excesses cause. It is also a visual representation of the city (real space) as visceral and organic opposite to Secondlife’s space that is digital and inert. The flooded environment is a way to reveal these gluts and in a way a confrontation to all accumulated objects we have kept.

Full Description

Nodule is part of a Second Life virtual installation,Manilism. Manilism is a striking vision of a curse’s aftermath. An installation of grit, flood and scattered garbage that speaks of violence and melancholia. Guests are greeted by a dump site and a floating sphere with a beating heart. This virtual multimedia installation also features the premiere of the video Bleached Nightmare [trailer], a performance, and a sound art. Manilism, a play on the words Manila and Sim, is a collaboration project by new media artists Julius Redillas and Richard Coronel. The sim will open on February 1, 6:00 PM (UTC/GMT +08:00) and will run until February 15.

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