Treemonisha Drank Up (Kakey Long Tongue Redux) (2013)

Performative Video Sculpture 4:50 min 2012

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Artist Statement

Treemonisha Drank Up (Kakey Long Tongue Redux) takes its name from ragtime composer Scott Joplin’s early modern folk opera Treemonisha, one of the first Black operas to receive widespread crossover recognition. Characterized by its Modernist rejection of African myth and ritual in favor of Enlightenment style individual determinism, Treemonisha’s poetic armature was the polarization of education and light against superstition and darkness played out in the title character receiving schooling in a white woman’s home. As a foil to its namesake, Treemonisha Drank Up is a yoga hip hop feminist fusion about a white female - educated to the point of neuroses and nervous disorders - balancing out her third chakra as she absorbs the intuitive archetypes, metaphors and ritual of African cultural memory preserved in Hip Hop music. The third chakra, or ‘Golden Sun’ at the navel is the antenna of intuition.


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