kurizambutto (2013)

a project with Javier Pulido

Full Description

Kurizambutto is satire of the Mexican art world via our Facebook and tumblr pages. In essence, it mocks the mechanisms that led to the rise of Gabriel Orozco and the gallery which represents him, kurimanzutto. Its aim is to criticize the Mexican and global contemporary art scenes, providing a space to question institutions, individuals, practices and excesses via satire and parody.

We decided to embark on this project because we are committed to criticism and analysis, and we think the Mexican art world is particularly prone to nepotism. We realize that it is important to have a healthy sense of community, but this is impossible when only a few people are in power and there is no dissent.

Kurizambutto has shown that there ARE alternative ways to have one’s voice heard, even if it means antagonizing a large portion of our peers via ruthless institutional critique. We are living in a post-gallery world, or at least, in a post-gallery cyberspace, and this has allowed us to function as a 'virtual gallery.'

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  • Mariana Aguirre | 6 years, 6 months ago
    This project has been taken down due to alleged copyright infringement.
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