Mapping London's Subterranean Rivers (2012)

’Mapping London’s Subterranean Rivers’ allows the viewer to fly through a 3D map of London, revealing the sites of ancient and subterranean rivers based on research using old maps and books such as Nigel Barton’s ‘The Lost rivers of London’. Evoking existing and long disappeared waterways that bubble unseen beneath our feet. Including; The Fleet, Tyburn, Westbourne, Quaggy, Counters Creek, Neckinger and more…..

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Video, 3D animation

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Artist Statement

3D modelling, motion dynamics, intense colour/texture and found visuals are used to visualise the city as an intricate organic system built upon labyrinthine liquid networks and underground channels: A hybrid view of the city where historic and ancient natural elements form a contemporary and complex digital network.

The film was originally designed as a site-specific installation for a group exhibition September 2010 held in the semi derelict basement under Shoreditch Town Hall, London.

This rustic space has no direct electricity supply; dark side rooms which were once (staff?) living quarters reveal remnants and ephemera from the past including layers of faded peeling Victorian-period patterned wallpaper, iron stoves, fireplaces. The room where the piece was exhibited also included a large exposed terracotta water pipe running across entire length of the floor space. The film was projected silently and directly onto the exposed brickwork - vivid rivers brightly illuminated – oozing like channels of liquid light emerging from the near total darkness of the space.

The soundtrack was added in 2012 inspired by a collaborative workshop at Latymer Project studios in North Kensington, London using appropriated and recycled eclectic sounds such as digitised music, iphone recordings of urban sounds and recycled media, and Internet clips. Audio credits: V.A Fanthorpe, BBC News, The London Sound Survey, K.MacLeod. Thanks to Constantine Gras and Latymer Mapping Project, and P.Burness

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