Journey Behind The Clouds (2013)

A remembrance of a dying city. Photography by Gracie Harding; words by Colin Bath, composition by Gracie Harding

Full Description

Journey Behind The Clouds by Gracie Harding. This work is a set of photographs set to a poem by Colin Bath, a poet, who like Gracie, is a member of the SKA art collaborative in Detroit.

Bath created the Journey verses as a reflection of a visit he made to Youngstown, Ohio in 2012. Bath grew up in Youngstown but left there to go to college in 1970. He had not been back until the 2012 visit. The poem captures the harsh reality that 40 plus years of history does to people, neighborhoods and cities.

After reading Journey and discussing with Bath how the poem could be structured with visual images, Harding went to Youngstown and photographed the old neighborhoods and buildings Bath refers to in the poem. The Journey you see here is Harding's integration of the text and images into a stark story of life and death.

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Artist Statement

My work has evolved over the past few years to focus more and more on finding art in technology. Combining people with the technology they use every day provides a huge canvas that reflects life like a Matisse painting. And beneath the layers of that picture are the bits of love, toil, disgust, enchantment, and sometimes desperation that make up our daily lives. Unlocking these emotions provides a vivid reminder of our basic humanness no matter who deeply we are entrenched with our iPhones, TVs and computers.


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