Brainstorming (2010)

A visual / Musical performance by the Egyptian artist Sameh Al Tawil

Full Description

In this project I was trying to squeeze my mind more and more in real-time and illustrate a mind-map on a whiteboard using a normal marker with blue-tooth sensors attached to it, these sensors translate the marker's positions into music , in order to get more than a visual brainstorming. I used my body-language and my music knowledge as well to express my feelings and opinion about many topics in a dynamic way, and illustrating visual and audio relations between these topics … Technically, I’ve programed a simple Audio patch with Max MSP language translates my body’s positions into random music, so i can Visualize & audiolize my ideas at the same time. I’ve performed many different brainstorming sessions with different topics, one time i was analyzing my personal history and trying to make connections between different stations in my life.

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Artist Statement

Sharing ideas and thoughts is a desire and main objective of being a human, in this work I've tried to improve my abilities to communicate ideas and complex relationships between topics, using my body-language, illustrating symbols and shapes in addition to a voice translation to convey my thoughts more deeply than usual.

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