Ecstatic Monotony (2013)

Ecstatic Monotony was Dave Greber's MFA Thesis show in the Carrol gallery of Tulane university on New Orleans.

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This installation includes Stasseo, sculpture, painting, digitally manipulated images and other forms.

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Artist Statement

The artist's quest for soul in the age of global marketing and propaganda is a treacherous one. The intentions of our economic, political, and spiritual leaders are dubious and we are perpetually disappointed by the unchallenged corruption which festers in the upper-ranks of our society. It's easy to feel disheartened by the sheer ubiquity of neon traps and brambles our debauched shepherds march us through on this sleepwalk through the 21st century. Yet the contemporary artist journeys forward, along with the herd, vigilant and optimistic, knowing that even death won’t free us from our responsibility to uncover truth, beauty and grace.

We will always be endowed with our connection to the creative source which gives us life. It can be distracted from, denied, ignored, but the cosmic stream which animates our existence continues to flow. This light is glimmering within every contemporary phenomenon (even war, ignorance, and predatory marketing) and this divinity is shared equally among us, no matter whose side we choose. I feel this connection and celebrate it in the form of artistic expression, and the language I know is the one I am saturated with: The despicable Commercial. Fields of grotesque, blatant, immediate, colorful, messages swimming in suspended implications, steeping us in it’s bizarre aesthetic.

My work grows from a concept where I perceive spirit is revealing itself through popular culture. I observe media/social texts with a mystic reading to tease out the cosmic, archetypal play at hand and relate it to something tangible. I take what is attractive about particular tools of corporate or complicit social marketing, advertising campaigns, gambling machines, commercial newspeak, and pop-culture iconography and use it to frame out contemporary visual fables. My parables operate on the same level as our popular culture itself, blinding and obscene like a eclipse, you wont see the face of my inspiration looking directly into the light. But, contemplate the shadows and you will be left with curious evidence of the energy in the universe, the faint smell of ozone and a nagging feeling that you forgot what you were going to say.

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