Out My Window, New York (2013)

Photograph from one window into a neighbor's window.

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Artist Statement

With the ongoing series Out My Window (2007-), I been address the potential estrangement of dense urban living. Surveying the views from scores of New Yorkers' windows, I capture both the intimacy and the remoteness of residing in the proximity of so many strangers. Taking her inspiration from the Ashcan School of painters' devotion to portraying the gritty scenes of daily life, the series builds off a 'Rear Window'-like fascination with the fleeting moments of private lives, glimpsed through the apertures of one's home. Peering into the households of a broad swath of the population, the pictures offer a series of reciprocal views and shared spaces. These photographs narrate a range of worries and desires through small gestures, habits, and minor events - all cropped by the window frame, and again by the photographic frame.


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