by Moke Li

My project, HANA Island Super Agency, is a mixed-media installation work, which simulates the reception area of a fake agency located in a holiday resort. There are extremely detailed CG animations projected on two of the installation’s walls; a grand logo is displayed on the monitor; and armchairs, indoor plants and an office carpet are employed to create a seemingly calm, peaceful, everyday scene. However, the ambience here is tainted with death, a world resembling “the smile of a corpse in a funeral home” . Meanwhile, I add some factors that are irrational or non-rational into the environment, such as rough rebar columns and glass fiber cottons as display shelves, weird souvenirs, and strange scenes flashing on the projected videos, all of which are designed to contrive an illusory scene for viewers, in order to let audiences feel those counterintuitive moments, and lead people to understand the underlying reality.

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