mobile (2012)

A small series of photographs dealing with the mobile aspect of life and society in the 21st century.

Full Description

In this work the title represents both the mobility of the device and the moving location in which the pictures were taken - a train. mobile is also a description of the way that modern and global societies interact and live: increasingly unsettled, faster and an increasing offer for food, rest and drinks ‘on the go’, i.e. while being on a journey to the workplace, uni, school, vacation, foreign countries or on the way back home.

Most of the images are disrupted and ‘broken in two’, reflecting a blur of impressions and the two-folded attitude that people have towards traveling. It is a means of transport, a simplification in life, a necessity for some and a luxury for others. While it allows people to travel to new places, the arrival at the destination necessarily also expects the person to leave something behind: family, friends, memories or places. The possibilities are endless but at the same time finite due to many different aspects such as time, money, communication and organization.Therefore traveling always is a compromise. This uncertainty, ambivalence and anxiety is expressed through the distorted photographs.

All images are taken and processed on the iPhone 3gs.

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