Baseball (2013)

Life on earth, human reality.

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Artist Statement

Everything is happening at the same time. I ride that current, the tornado, the space in between, grabbing everything and rearranging it. Dissecting, amplifying, sampling, exploding, fading, layering and subtracting. My drawings on top of my drawings inside my paintings, chopped into pieces, living collapsing time. I explore spaces that walk along the edge of the figure, the abstract and the next moment. I use the surfaces as an emotional reader to document these intangible realities in a constant changing image. Some of the spaces are completely pushed to the extreme, and some parts loop, so you can reconstruct it’s creation in your mind.

I work in 5 levels like a gray scale or the variations of tempos on a music album. From a line drawing to a slightly muted drawing to a more colorful denser work, to a collaged, multi-media layered painting, I then bring the work to the public, construct it live on my friends, and finally, take this Living Installation, de-install it and drag it back to my studio and rework the scraps, the photos, the energy of it into the next piece. This is my full circle, there is no order to the circle, which leaves me constantly open. The work is about energy, and drawing from the world, on the world, on people, and then taking parts that had humans activating the work, and reworking them into a new piece. The work in one sense is continuous. A show goes up, comes down, a circle goes round and round.


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