Despair II (2011)

Follow Lela, a fifty something woman, as she begins her journey of self-discovery. In this episode, Lela teaches a course in English enunciation for foreign students.
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This is a series of stickman stories by Michael Townsend. The complete series is on display at the New Hudson Exit website:

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Follow the life of Lela in her journey of mid-life self discovery. 'We have all met Lela's in our lives. She is a woman immersed in a path of self exploration, intent and focused so much upon herself that she loses her connection to others.', writes Michael Townsend in " Emigrants" the magazine the Lela series first appeared. 'I have had several Lela's in my life - one as fearsome friend, one in a smash up love affair and a couple who were just shadows floating through some shared experiences. The sketches here are based upon those Lela's and others .'

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