Reflective Memories | BK to BC (2013)

An ongoing series of photographs that I took with film and digital cameras, in different cities, under the experimentation of filters in Photoshop. Filters are being to used to illicit a "tone" or not, depending on the viewer. This is the first set "Reflective Memories: BK to BC"

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Reflective Memories (an Ongoing series of Photographs)

This is the start to an ongoing series of experimental-filter manipulation, through Photoshop, with photographs I’ve taken with film and digital. I may add video too…just a thought.


Summer of 2009, I was living in Clinton Hill before I relocated to the West Coast. It was a sublet with some amazing women, and a beautiful neighborhood to stay in before leaving New York. One Saturday afternoon music and laughter wafted into my bedroom window. I grabbed my new Craigslist/Ebay win, a Pentax P30T and a RF 160 flash to match, and took some interesting shots.

Two years later, I thought walking home in a pair of UGGS was a great idea (for my ankles, not so much) but for my point and shoot Sony (Cybershot:Dsc w230) and my eyes, it was. [via]

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Artist Statement

Digital photographic experimentation with film and digital photographs in Photoshop.

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