myFunerals no 2 cortege (2013)


The setting reflects the culture of grieving and funeral practices in western capitalist societies, based on a search for related artist‘s positions and funeral practices in Berne, Lucerne and Sarnen. The artistic process grabs the theme of death and its representation.

devices needed:

cemetery, participating people, personal object of grieving, handcart

Full Description

The participants of the performance assemble in the cemetery. After the instructions are declared, they look for an personal object on their related grave. Assembled again, the objects are placed on the handcart. The leader of the performance pulls the wagon to the designated art space, followed by the participants. Once arrived at the space, the participants place their object on the floor. The floor maps the original place of the cemetery.

Work metadata

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Artist Statement

The procession as a ritual oscillates between politics and culture. The appropriation of the staged piece puts into question the political frame provided by the established ordre. The performativ making, in the sense of becoming reality by a ritualized cortege, ceremony and procession as a cultural staging, the frame transforms into a political discourse. The collaborative performance allocates roles, invokes actors on their specific positions, selects and subjectives them.

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